No Degree in Fun Web Design? No Problem.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.45.14 PM

While I may be attending a $40,000 a year school, it doesn’t take a piece of paper to build on your Web Development skills— it just takes an interest in creating fun web design.


Fun Web Design? Huh? What? Why?

            If you’re like me, coding, debugging, programming, and other aspects of web development really get your jets going. FrillyWeb is constant updates—on our site and through e-mail!– on ways to make it fun for beginners, professionals, students, and the site users.  


What’s FrillyWeb Got to Do With It?

            Since I’m on my first semester of Junior Year and only recently chose a major I have been latched on to my professors’ every word and mentally note every tip and piece of advice. Every new thing I learn has me delving further and further into the latest technologies of web development—learning fun web design is just apart of the journey but it’s my favorite pit stop along the way.

Interested in Fun Web Design? Then subscribing to our e-mail list will keep you updated for free on all the ways FrillyWeb is helping keep the fun alive!


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