When it comes to creating a unique web design, fun is always the inspiration.

Just like a writer having writer’s block, web designers can also experience a shortage of ideas and with millions of sites out there unique web designs are crucial when it comes to make a client’s page stand-out. Just like art, web designers need some inspiration to create the page that will grab attention and keep users happy. If you watched the video above, and it sounds a lot like you, FrillyWeb found a couple of articles that’ll help inspire you by making the job a little more fun.

John Siebert’s article, which particularly helped me, outlines a 7-step process to creating a web page. Each step ends with a tip to make the step more fun. To read more click here. 

Jeremy Girad’s article, “A Fun Approach to Creating a More Successful Website,” promotes unique web design through improving the ordinary. His ideas came to him after watching a contest video for The Fun Theory. The Fun Theory was a competition in which people created videos that make everyday things more fun. So elements most web pages have, such as about me, contact pages, or 404 error pages are examples of pages that can be improved in fun ways for a better user experience. To read his article click here.  (Check out this post if you’re looking to improve upon an about me page with a lot of text.)

The last article I found is by Debra Gelman called “Designing Fun.” Her article shares how to develop a long-term approach to incorporating fun into unique web designs. Her steps are: define it, rank it, research it, task it out, and test it. Read more about these steps here.

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