About Me

Hello, my name is Amanda Myers. I’m a Junior at Roger Williams University majoring in Web Development with a double minor in Marketing and Graphic Design. I run FrillyWeb to contribute fun features for mostly but not limited to females who just enjoy coding or are a paid Web Developer. Remember when you were a kid and everybody always asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” It always felt like you had plenty of time to figure it out. As my preteen and teen years flew by I still hadn’t figured it out, even upon entering college. I was always guided by “Do What You Love” but what if I couldn’t find something I love that could turn into a career. The stress to figure it out weighed down on me for my first year and half at college and made me feel like I had no purpose being here which resulted in my not terrible, but not so great GPA. However, thanks to a random order of events and descions I have found my niche in academics. Sophmore year  I took three Computer Information System classes and today I can give thanks to those professors for captivating my interest by making the learning process fun and helping me find something that is fun and doesn’t nesscarily feel like school work. If you’re a web developer, you have to find coding fun, debugging should be equivalent to Sudoku. The knowledge of sotfware and developer programs alongside viewing websites I created entirely by myself surge me with accomplishment. With a degree in this field I’ll be one step closer to having a job that I love. In my classes however I noticed that a lot of other students weren’t finding coding even slightly enjoyable. They couldn’t see the fun in it like I could. My goal in creating FrillyWeb is to have a dependable, easily accessible blog that equips web designers with fun ways to work with codes that provide a fun user experience on a website.


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